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Turning Worries into Inspirations:

A Five-step Ritual

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The Inner Worrier

Do you identify as a worrier? Do your friends and family label you as a worrier? Do you associate worry with love and care? Does your active mind keep you up at night, stress your digestion, and deplete your energy and confidence? 

Do you want to experience peace of mind? Are you ready to befriend your mind so that you can love and care without depleting your energy? Are you ready to experience sound sleep, energy, confidence, and inspiration?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this five-step ritual is for you! I’m delighted to welcome you on this journey to a peaceful and inspired mind.

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My Story

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If there was nothing to worry about, I would invent something to worry about. I would allow my mind to spindle down to the worst-case scenario —just in case something happened. 


I knew that I didn’t have to believe everything I thought and that I could choose what I focused on, but the habitual worry pattern would take over anyway. Over time, this process depleted my energy, creativity, and confidence. 

Equipped with potent holistic approaches and a deep desire to rise above my worried mind, I created this Inspired Ritual that changed my habitual and addictive worry pattern and replaced it with inspiring thoughts. 


This transition created a ripple effect that enhanced my health, confidence, creativity, relationships, and prosperity. I have been sharing this ritual with my clients ever since, and they have also turned their worries into inspiration. After all, our potential is far greater than our obstacles. 

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From Worried to Inspired: Your Five-step Ritual

Only Eight-Minutes a Day

Life is full, I know. You may be worried that your plate is already too full to introduce anything new. How could you possibly integrate another practice? Not to worry, because all you need is eight minutes a day. The rest is integrated into your daily life and won’t require any additional time. 


Is this Inspired Five-step Ritual for You?

Are you're tired of being limited by your worries? Do you overthink? Do you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep? Do you spend more time focused on what could go wrong than on what’s going right? Are you going through a transition that is creating new worries?


Do you want to experience more peace of mind, confidence, and inspiration? Do you believe in the power of thought, visualization, and rituals? Do you believe in your potential to rise above your worried mind? 


If you can identify with any of the above, this Inspired Ritual is for you. 

Ritual Purpose

With practice, we experience a reduction in worry-based thinking which leads to better sleep, more confidence, calm, energy & inspiration. This five-step inspired ritual works because it's integrated into our day and changes the way we perceive ourselves and our world, which enhances our speech and actions to reflect our calm, energized and inspired state of mind. It's an inspiring and grounding ripple effect. The mind is complex. We all have varied starting points, strengths, values, and visions. Your experience will be unique. 

The more confidence, energy and inspiration we have, the more we have to give. 

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Confident. Energized. Inspired.

The Time is Now!

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Success Stories


“Amazing! Even my family and friends have noticed the change.”

Julie B.

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Say Yes to this Five-step Inspired Ritual and Say Yes to You. 

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To worry is to meditate on what we don't want to happen.

To be inspired is to meditate on what we want to happen.

The choice is ours to make!

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It's time to let go of worry and welcome inspiration!

The Five Rituals of Turning Worries into Inspirations 

Step One

Clarify: Create your inspired affirmation

Good things are coming! Stay posted!-6.png

Step Two

Embody: Meditate and be inspired

Good things are coming! Stay posted!-3.png

Step Three

Activate: Align the body and mind

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that

Step Four

Bless: Experience the power of water

Good things are coming! Stay posted!-9.png

Step Five

Ground: Own your strengths

Turning Worries into Inspirations A Five-step Ritual-4.png


Be Inspired: Repeat the ritual as needed

Join this self-paced ritual and experience more confidence, calm and inspiration. 

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