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"When the mind is calm, how quickly, how beautifully, how smoothly you will perceive everything." 


Turning Worries into Inspirations: A Five-step Ritual

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Turning Worries into Inspirations: A Five-step Ritual

How long does it take to go through the ritual?  

It takes 19 days to go through the five steps. 


What makes this ritual different?  

It includes a modernized traditional mind/body inquiry and active guided meditation process and combines it with daily activities to embody the new inspired approach to life.  ​ 


What kind of results can I expect?  

Positive, lasting and gradual results. To move from an 8/10 on a worry scale to a 6/10 feels like a 50-pound weight has been lifted. The more we practice, the more we benefit. It's important to acknowledge that we are creatures of habit, and for many of us, worry has become a habit. Even if the feeling is depleting, it has become familiar. Changing that pattern takes gradual, wise steps—but based on my experience sharing this ritual with women of all ages and all walks of life, you will begin to notice a difference within the first couple of weeks of practice.  ​ 


What changes will I notice? 

Your experience depends on how worry affects you. The most obvious will be a reduction in worry based thinking which brings more self-confidence, less nervousness and tension, a friendlier mind, better sleep, more energy, better digestion, more creativity, more patience, improved focus, better decision-making, and greater ease to smile and laugh. 


Will I stop caring? 

Letting go of worry is desirable to many people, but when we associate worrying with love and care, letting go of worry can seem to mean that we’ll stop caring—which is something we are not willing to do. When we understand that caring is rooted in love and worry is rooted in fear, we open up a new and energizing way of experiencing life. 

How much time will I spend in front of the computer reading or watching videos?

Between three and eight minutes a day and some days zero minutes as once you know the ritual you simply integrate it. Each ritual is clearly explained so there is no need to spend a long time watching videos or reading through the information. 

This ritual is simple and profound. The magic is found in the gradual implementation. 

If you have any questions that weren’t addressed, please feel free to reach out for more information. 

The more inspiration we have the more confidence & energy we have. 
You have the potential to change your worry habit.

Join us!

The Five Rituals of Turning Worries into Inspirations

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Step One


Worrying is knowing what we don't want. Being inspired is knowing what we do want. You will learn an effective inquiry practice to transform worry into inspiration.

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Step Four


You will learn how to transform your daily shower and drinking water into inspirational rituals.  ​

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Step Two


You will experience a form of active meditation to create and value inspired thoughts. This will give you the positive feelings you are seeking. ​ 

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Step Five


Calm the mind and anchor your feet with this grounding ritual.

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Step Three


Aligning the body and mind through the use of the hands, this inspired ritual is one of the most potent practices we can integrated. 

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Stay Inspired

Repeat the ritual with a new affirmation. 

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The Time is Now! 

Join us and experience more confidence, energy and inspiration. 

To Possibilities!